WST 1st GEN Protective Gear Safety tactical military knee &elbow pads PP10-0011| PPT P.P.T

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Product name     WST 1st GEN Protective Gear
Product weight    Each Protective Gear 0.12kgNW/set (2pcs)
Product package    PVC packing
Product component     One Set Knee Pads(2pcs)
Applicable user    Fits on weight less than 90KG
Product color     Black, Tan
Product size     53*45cm(knee pad)
Applicable scene     tactical necessary, outdoor activities, daily leisure, family entertainment
Product material     Environmental protection EVA neri cushion from Taiwan;Oval shell and buckle material is TPU;Neoprene outer lining;High quality Nylex lining.
Protection performance    In case the user less than 90KG and good wear the product,this product can resist, absorb EK energy without damage to the knee(EK formula is EK=1/2*m*V^2,the “m” in the formula is the object mass,the “v” in the formula is the velocity of the object at 1.5m it hits ground).

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