Tactical Holster,BRV,Beretta Vertec & Elite .40cal, 92A1, 96A1, 92FS PP7-0012 | PPT P.P.T

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Color: Black
Material: plastic

BRV,Beretta Vertec & Elite .40cal, 92A1, 96A1, 92FS, 92FS Compact, M9A3

Holster Mechanism

Passive Retention with Adjustment Screw

Mounting Options

(P) Paddle

(BH) Belt Holder

(BHP) Police Belt Holder

(RT) Rotating Paddle

(BH RT) Rotating Belt Holder

(BHP RT) Rotating Police Belt Holder

(EX) Thigh Rig

(A) Ankle Holster

(KTF SR) Shoulder Rig

(VARIO) Variable Belt Holder

(VARIO RT) Rotating Variable Belt Holder

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How to use

Tighten your belt. Place the holster on your hip and make sure the paddle is pushed all the way down on your belt. Draw fast and decisive, in an upwards motion as if you were in a real critical situation. The holster offers an adjustment screw for a more accurate retention pressure and personal preference. 


Technical Information

Holster Material - mold injected Polymer formula. Passive retention with adjustment screw - Fobus passive retention system acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place.

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

Double-component paddles, fixed and rotating, are unique in the holster industry.

Made by mold-injected nylon and rubber, they offer an extremely low profile; perfect ergonomics; high sturdiness to avoid undesired holster movement; a rubber back to prevent movement on the user's waist; and smooth contour for ultimate comfort - all features offered to provide you with the most comfortable and useful paddle on the market.

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

fobus Holster

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